The Church Herald of the RCA recently noted a Barna Group conducted survey on certain American religious practices.

(From the Church Herald) UNITED STATES
Survey: More Americans Reading Bible Weekly
A survey shows the percentage of Americans who say they regularly read the Bible continues to increase. The survey, conducted by the Barna Group, found that 47 percent of respondents said they open the Bible on a weekly basis, up from just 31 percent in 1995 and 40 percent six years ago. The survey also polled respondents on six other "religious behaviors" including church attendance and attending small groups like Bible studies. Forty-seven percent said they attend church on a weekly basis, up from 37 percent a decade ago, while 23 percent said they attend small group functions affiliated with church. Twenty-seven percent of those asked said that they volunteer through church, while 24 percent said that they attend Sunday school, up from 17 percent in 1996.
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The Barna report was based on data taken from 1,003 adults nationwide, interviewed by telephone in January. The Barna Group is a private, for-profit corporation in Ventura, California, that conducts research on spiritual development. (RNS)

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(an Okie Gardener again) While I will take this survey with a grain of salt until I see that it is confirmed by other research, the results suggest some significant observations. (1) The US culture continues to diverge from Western European culture. Christian practice in Europe continues to decline. (2) Howard Dean is behaving rationally when he touts the importance of reaching out to practicing Christians. If the Dems want to remain a near-majority party they must convince practicing Christians they can have a home with Dems. (3) Anecdotal evidence, and small news stories around the margins of the media, have suggested that a quiet Christian revival is currently underway in the US. This survey may point to the reality of such a revival.