Well. Okie Gardener has swayed me. As long as we are charting bad journalism, check out this lead from the Washington Post (which I think generally does a pretty fair job of covering the war and the President):

"President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair once bestrode the globe as powerful leaders who spoke boldly of bringing democracy to the Middle East. Now, dragged down by popular discontent over their adventure in Iraq, both have reached the lowest point of their careers."

And it gets worse.

Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing (news analysis/opinion put forth as a straight news story). If you listen to this fellow, Glenn Kesler, the sky is falling. He calls Bush a virtual lame duck.

For a lame duck, and I admit that the poll numbers are dismal, the President had a pretty good week: Hayden (the face of NSA domestic surveillance) confirmed at CIA by a good margin, Brett Kavanaugh (another conservative circuit court nominee) confirmed, and the President's stepping forward to the bully pulpit on immigration seemed to pay dividends in the Senate this week.

Leave the "seeing the world as I wish it was" to us bloggers, boys, and just report the news.