From the Washington Post:

House Approves Bill Linking War Funds, Troop Withdrawals

"The House yesterday approved a war funding bill that directs President Bush to withdraw most troops from Iraq by the end of next year, escalating a feud between the White House and congressional Democrats over spending priorities in wartime.

"The measure...passed 218 to 203...."

The Senate is likely to torpedo the bill this week. In the event something miraculous happens and the measure passes the Upper Chamber, the President will quickly veto and the process will restart.


Republican Mike Pence offered a succinct summary to this increasingly tiresome charade:

"With unambiguous evidence of progress on the ground in Iraq, the Democrats in Congress have seemed to add denial to the agenda of retreat and defeat."

Fifteen Democrats with good sense and an extra integrity chromosome decided NOT to participate in this latest Nancy, John, and Rahm tea party. Unfortunately, my congressman (George Bush's congressman), Chet Edwards, was not one of the stout-hearted few.

You would think Chet could throw us a bone on a vote this meaningless.

This session has proved incredibly disappointing (perhaps humiliating is a better word) for Chet's erstwhile Republican backers.