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Peggy Noonan's March 23 column takes TIME Magazine to task for its already infamous recent cover, which depicted a digitally altered Ronald Reagan crying over the current state of the Republican Party: "Could I be correct that they only front-page weeping Republicans, and only laud conservatives when they're dead?" (read the whole Noonan column here).

She is right, of course. The cover struck me as thoughtlessly indelicate, at best, if not cruelly disrespectful. Notwithstanding, I agree with Noonan that Karen Tumulty's article is actually a "good piece" in that it poses a relevant question: What has happened to the party of Ronald Reagan? The query legitimately arises from the current Republican confusion.

In a nutshell: What now?

Authenticity, integrity and a healthy respect for the traditions that always right our collective course in tumultuous times.

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Newsmax has this article on the career and death of former Missouri Senator Thomas Eagleton.

Nationally, Eagleton probably is best known as George McGovern's first vice-president candidate, dropped after Eagleton's struggles with depression were revealed.

I am a Missouri boy, born and raised. For years Eagleton was one of my U.S. senators. While I often disagreed with his politics--he was a liberal Democrat--I could respect him as a man. I think he believed what he said and acted from the principles he believed in.

A portion from the Newsmax article:

Eagleton was considered liberal, but he criticized busing to achieve school desegregation and, as a practicing Roman Catholic, strongly opposed abortion.

I am not sure there would be a place for him in today's Democrat Party.

Rest in peace Tom.